Single Guy Says ‘Happy Boxing Day’

Happy belated Christmas everyone, I hope you spent it surrounded by family, love, warmth, and happiness. And good food of course. I’m in the midst of packing, getting ready to leave for a week in Las Vegas with my family. It will be a brand new year when I return, and I can’t wait to read and catch up on all the great stories, experiences, and writing I’ll have waiting for me from you all when I return.

At the same time, between the past week and this coming week I’m sure there will be plenty for me to share  when I get back, so here’s a quick preview of what to expect just in catching up on all the holiday festivities.

  • My cousin and I made a Japanese feast for dinner, with special premium ingredients I bought from a Japanese market. I’ll be posting pictures of the meals and of us in the kitchen, plus writing about how much fun it was and how exciting  it was to spend a good part of the day just doing some serious cooking.
  • As is our tradition, we spent Christmas Eve at my great-aunt’s house, and Christmas Day at home. We exchanged gifts, did a gag gift ‘white elephant’, and played all kinds of Christmas games, sometimes for prizes of money or for punishments of drinking.
  • Las Vegas is sure to be an incredible time. My family and I love Las Vegas, and we’ve been back almost every other year, but this will be our first time spending New Year’s in the heart of what will probably be the biggest and best city-wide party in the world. My brother and I will be headed to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to drive supercars around their track, go to a shooting range to shoot weapons from WWI and WWII and more modern weapons like those used by US SWAT forces and Cold War-era fighters, we’ll be trying a whole new list of exciting and unique restaurants, and catch plenty of Vegas shows.
  • And perhaps last but certainly not least, as I sit here typing and packing to try and push my mind away from the crushing disappointment, I will let you all know how my first date in two years went, how fun, how thrilling, how promising, and how shattering to find out mid-way that she already has a boyfriend with whom she is unfailingly happy. Thank god Vegas is the last place where one has to think of normal life, or worry about normal problems, or normal disappointments.

Anyways, since I won’t have the chance to say it later, I wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year, with plenty of riches in love, laughter, and happiness.

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