Single Guy Does Music Mondays: ‘Sweet Home Cookin’ Man’ by Karrin Allyson

When I was filling out my tinder profile there was an option to link to Spotify and share a ‘theme song’. I’ve never really stopped to think if I had a ‘theme song’. I don’t know, it either seemed a bit too ‘millenial’ for me to consider or it brought up memories of the Seinfeld episode where Elaine’s date spaces out whenever he hears ‘Desperado’. I feel like a good theme song is the same as a good book or a bad case of the runs. You won’t know when it’ll hit you, it’ll find you at the most unexpected of times, and once you’ve got it there’s no stopping it.


If you’re on IG, you’ll know that this past Friday I cooked dinner for the family. Nothing Bacon Filet.jpgtoo fancy, meat and pasta. Bacon-wrapped filet mignon seared in the pan with butter, olive oil, and rosemary and then finished off in the oven. The pasta though, simple as it was, is one of my all-time favorite quick and easy comfort foods. Perfect for a weeknight pick-me-up after a long day of work or a late night weekend quick-fix after a long night of…anything but work. Pasta aglio e olio. Garlic and oil. Simple, easy, but one of the best examples of a recipe beingAglio e Olio greater than the sum of its parts. A generous amount of good quality EVOO, more garlic (thinly sliced) than you’ve ever seen in a single dish, red pepper flakes, parsley, and fresh lemon juice transform simple spaghetti or linguini into a dish that is the truest form of ‘food seduction’. You don’t have to take my word for it though. The same dish (same recipe too) was used in the movie Chef. The sounds, the colors and sights, and when you’re doing it at home, the smells, of this dish are bound to put anyone in the mood.

So when I heard Karrin Allyson’s ‘Sweet Home Cookin’ Man’ this past Sunday on my local jazz/blues station, it just hit me. If there were ever a song I could truly, enthusiastically, emphatically embrace as my theme song, I think it could only be this. It’s smooth, classy, sophisticated, suave, but also cheeky, playful, funny, and kinda sexy. Much like the ‘sweet home cookin’ man’ Karrin sings about, I’m not exactly the most handsome or most athletic. I’m not the most funny or the most interesting. But just like Jon Favreau in Chef, if you put me in a chef’s jacket and give me a nice enough kitchen with nice enough ingredients, I could get Scarlett Johansson to throw some sexy ‘come hither’ eyes at me too.


Sweet Home Cookin’ Man

-by Karrin Allyson

Well he ain’t got personality
He ain’t got such good looks
When I come home hungry
Lord how my baby cooks
He’s a chef of fine distinction
Always cooks it up just right
My taste buds are in a frenzy darling
They think that they’ve found paradise.

Well he might be cooking lobster
He might be fixing fish
Doesn’t matter darling
It’s always the perfect dish.
He is a culinary wonder baby
Always cooks with the right spice
My taste buds are in a frenzy darling
They think that they’ve found paradise.

Don’t have to call Betty Crocker
Don’t have to call Sara Lee
This man has done his homework
He makes up his own recipe
Don’t have to go out shopping
Don’t have to go outdoors, they say
True love’s when a man brings home the groceries
Instead of eating up all of yours
He’s a chef of fine distinction
Yes he comes complete with pots and pans
I got a nickname for my Baby
I call him my sweet home cookin’ man.

So listen all you lady’s, listen up don’t be a fool
If your man start misbehaving,
Just send him to cooking school
You’ll have a chef of fine distinction
He might even come complete with pots and pans
Call him anything you want – I called mine
My sweet home cookin’ man.


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